Princess Diaries - 1st Princess updates on her time in Japan for Miss International DAY 3


Day 3 - Today I was up at 2:30am in order to get ready for Japan's most watched breakfast Tv show aires by Fuji Tv! It was a different experience to go to the huge TV studios and stand in front of the cameras for live tv.

We then got the train to the beautiful city of Nikko, only 2 hours away Nikko is so different to the city of Tokyo because it has a mountain landscape and is covered in greenery! We were treated to a lovely lunch in Nikko and then I was lucky enough to be one of the contestants who got to try on a Japanese Kimono! It was a lot of fun being dressed up in this very traditional way.

We then were able to walk around Nikko, which I must admit was extremely cold, yet very picturesque. We also visited two Japanese sake brewery. Sake is a traditional alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice! Although we were unable to sample the sake, we were given cake created from the rice byproduct once the sake has been produced, and this was delicious. We also discovered that Sake makes a great hand lotion! Sake brewers are known in Japan for having extremely supple hands!

It was another busy day followed around by cameras but I am very glad I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Nikko and meet the very generous local people who live there! Here are some photos from my day...


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