Miss World - Who's Your Favourite?


It’s time to vote for Céline Bolaños! Let’s get her to the top by voting!! she is competing for the Head to Head Challenge and the Multimedia which means Miss World are keeping track on all the likes, comments and votes for Gibraltar 

-Let’s get liking and voting!!! In order to get Celine in the lead you can do the following:

-Like and comment Celine’s Pictures and posts on MobStar App which you can download...make sure to follow Celine!

-Like and Comment the 🇬🇮 on All posts on Miss World Gibraltar Page and Celine’s Instagram Page!

-Visit the MissWorld website www.missworld.com sign up then go to Celine’s profile in the ‘contestants’ page: https://www.missworld.com/#/contestants/5631 at the     bottom of the page is a ‘vote for me’ button. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! 🇬🇮🇬🇮🇬🇮

Let’s show Celine our support!