Day 10, 1st princess at Miss International Japan - Joseanne's Diary


Day 10- Today's theme was all about female empowerment! We began the day with an introduction to the Japanese government's efforts to try and eliminate violence towards women. All the Miss International contestants were given a purple badge to wear on our sashes which represents an "awareness ribbon" for the elimination of all forms of violence against women. We then participated in the second International Women's Entrepreneurs Forum! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to listen to speeches and speak to many successful businesswomen in Japan. Their speeches were both motivating and emotional. All of the contestants contributed to discussions about gender inequality in business. It felt so empowering to be in a room with so many intelligent and talented women. One of the speakers was Reiko B Lyster, President and CEO of Elle International Co Ltd is a true inspiration. She is a pioneer woman in Japan as she entered the business world many years ago when women working in business was practically nonexistent! It was also lovely to hear from all of the Miss International contestants. Many people often stigmatize beauty pageant contestants as unintelligent, however, I can hands down say that this is not the case within Miss International 2016. Doctors, Nurses, MBA students, Translators, Dentists and in my case a law student, are just a few of the professions that can be found among us. A beauty pageant is what has brought us together but each contestant has so much to offer. I am sure that many, if not most, will go on to become leaders in their fields. Overall it has been a very inspiring day and I hope to pass on many of the messages that I was left with to others after this pageant.