Day 8 1st princess at Miss International, Japan - Joseanne's Diary


Day 8- Today we went on a tour to Kamakura and I think it has been my favourite day so far! We wore flat shoes for most of the day and visited various temples, shrines and historical places around the area. We started the day with a traditional macha green tea ceremony in a shrine and even got to see/ go inside the Great Buddha statue. The areas we visited were beautiful and surrounded by greenery and nature.

After the morning of sightseeing we went for a typical Japanese style lunch and it was pretty extravagant! We then went to make a wish in one of Kamakura's most famous temples, then went down the very popular shopping street which has many stalls selling traditional Japanese style street food and stores with products that you wont find outside of Japan. The area is also well known for their interesting flavour icecream such as sweet potato and its most famous Green tea soft icecream (basically green tea flavoured Mr Softy!) We then had another Japanese style feast for dinner and then walked around the centre of Tokyo which has over 50,000 restaurants and small bars. Some of the bars are actually tiny and have a capacity of no more than 5 peope!

We ended the day with a trip to the theatre. We went to see a performance called Sakura and it was amazing because the audience could really embrace the culture and traditions of Japan through this entertaining show. I know i keep going on about "traditional Japanese" etc but in Japan, the culture is so prominent that I have really began to embrace and fall in love with it! We also got to meet the cast of the show once it ended, and although they did not speak english it was great to communicate and congratulate them on such good show! That was my day in a summary, I am absolutely shattered and wake up time is in less than 6 hours so I best be off! Goodnight Gibraltar.