Day 7 1st princess at Miss International, Japan - Joseanne's Diary


Day 7 - Today we visited the city of Saitama and began the day with a trip to a traditional doll making factory. We were shown various stages in how these unique dolls are created and it is safe to say that the attention to detail is immeasurable.

After the factory we went to a huge store that sells these dolls and other traditional Japanese figurines and we were also had the opportunity for a good laugh as we dressed up with Japanese Samurai props. After that we went to visit a local Saitama school which as about 3000 students and this has to be the highlight of my experience at Miss International so far! I am still so shocked and overwhelmed about how much work the students put into our welcoming and visit!

We were given an unbelievable welcome with speeches and performances by the students. We then had lunch with the students and our final activity at the school involved each contestant putting on a presentation to the rest of the class with two students. The topic of my presentation was "Japan" and I had a discussion with my students about the similarities and differences between Gibraltar and Japan! One thing that I learnt from the students is that 99% of the population of Japan are Japanese, they have very few foreign residents, this is why traditional Japanese culture is so strong accross the whole of the country. After the school visit we took a trip to a shopping mall and then headed to get ready for a cocktail party with Saitama city officials. During this party we learnt a lot about how Saitama is trying to promote their tourism industry and they informed us that they will be hosting part of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympics! All in all it has been a great day but I am exhausted! Currently on the coach on our journey back to Tokyo.