Day 5 1st princess at Miss International, Japan - Joseanne's Diary


Day 5- Today was the second day of our overnight stay in Niigata! We checked out of our hotel and enjoyed a morning of wondering through the main street of Niigata and engaging with local people and buisnesses. The people of Niigata were so kind and appreciative of having the Miss International contestants that we were truly greeted as Queens and recieved lovely gestures and gifts from the community and shops.

We also visited Niigatas oldest shrine and were kindly prayed over, it was even announced that the city of Niigata is hoping to host the Miss International beauty pageant in 2019!! After a morning of shopping we headed to a local restaurant for lunch where once again we were treated to a lovely buffet meal and listened to heart warming words by officials working in the tourism industry.

In our groups we needed to present to the officials and the Miss International Organisation and contestants about our impressions of Niigata and what we most enjoyed as tourists! We then headed back on the bus for the 6 hour journey back to Tokyo. Tomorrow is my day off!!! So I will actually get a day to sleep in so no need to rush to bed tonight.

I will as always, leave you with a few pictures of the day! Goodnight!