Day 4 at Miss International, Japan - Joseannes diary


Day 4 - We started the day with a 5 hour bus journey for an overnight visit of the city of Niigato! The Miss International contestants were greeted by the mayor of the city who gave us some kind words and gifts! We then went to visit a local miso factory. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning. We learnt about how miso is made and sampled various products made from this Japanese culinary essential!

We then headed off to the hotel and began preparations for the night's big events. Tonight we hosted a gala dinner for Miss International sponsors in evening gown attire and had to present ourseleves individually on stage. I wore an amazing red evening gown with lace detail! After hosting our event we were kindly invited to a great dinner party and got to enjoy a show of traditional Japanese dancing! Goodnight Gibraltar, off to bed as I have a full day of visiting Niigato tomorrow!