Day 15 - Joseanne wearing the National Costume on stage


Day 15 - Today we took part in the Miss International Japan beauty pageant. This is the pageant that decides which girl from Japan will be representing Japan in next year's Miss International pageant!

We spent the morning rehearsing for this show and then came out on stage in our national costumes during the pageant. I wore Gibraltar's amazing costume made by Dorcas Hammond. It was great to be on stage again, and it was very exciting as it is the same theatre that we will be using for the 56th Miss International pageant in 2 days time! It was great as my family who have come from Gibraltar to support me were able to watch me on stage today too. I had dinner in an Italian restaurant with my group to celebrate Miss Australia's birthday! In the evening we had our first briefing for our pageant. I cannot wait for the night as I have really missed being on stage. Tomorrow is a full day of rehearsing for the show so time for some sleep!