Day 12, 1st princess at Miss International Japan - Joseanne's Diary


Day 12 - Today we visited the Panasonic Centre in Tokyo to test out products from the Panasonic beauty range! I have never used their products before but I will continue to use them back in Gibraltar.

We tested out their hair care range which includes new nanoe technology to condition the hair at the same time as styling it by emitting moisture back into the hair, we also tried their skin care products which was much needed after two weeks of heavy makeup! We also had lunch with Panasonic staff from the beauty development and it was a great opportunity to network and learn about their careers.

We were also transported to the future (the year 2030 to be precise and I was absolutely mind-blown). We were given a tour of future Panasonic technology and were taken into a house simulation of 2030 fitted with the technological developments that is hoped to be produced by then! Obviously photography and video was not permitted so unfortunately I cannot show you but the advancements are unbelievable! I knew Japan was famous for technology but could have never imagined this.

Before heading for dinner we visited the Tokyo tower - the Eiffel tower replica that can be found in Japan. We enjoyed dinner at a restaurant serving yakitori and were entertained with many Japanese performances.