Cheque Presentation for the winners


The Minister for Sports, Culture, Heritage & Youth, the Hon Steven Linares,  presented cheques to the value of £3,500 in respect of the prize money awarded to the winners of the Miss Gibraltar Pageant 2016.

The Minister presented a £1,000 cheque to Miss Gibraltar 2016 Kayley Mifsud. Cheques were also presented to 1st Princesses, Joseanne Bear, for £1,000 and 2nd Princess, Aisha Benyahya, for £500.

Mr. Linares wished Miss Gibraltar and her two Princesses all the very best in their year ahead.

The Minister also presented a cheque to Miss Gibraltar 2015, Hannah Bado for £1,000, being her prize money balance due on completion of her reign, and thanked her for the wonderful work she had done during her Year.