3rd Contestant signing for the Miss Gibraltar Pageant 2016


FULL NAME: Sarah Jayne Adnett


AGE:     24   


STAR SIGN: Scorpio


OCCUPATION: Accounts Clerk






HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Fashion, Keeping Fit and supporting different Charities.


LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English & Spanish


AMBITION (ACADEMIC/PROFESSIONAL): To further my career in Accountancy.


YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY: Family is the most important part of my life, so I treasure every moment I spend with them.


WHAT DO YOU MOST LIKE ABOUT GIBRALTAR: That it is immensely rich in history, consequently we are a community built on a diversity of Religions and Culture which respects each others views and opinions.


WHY HAVE YOU ENTERED THE PAGEANT: I have entered this pageant as I believe it will be a great opportunity to develop self growth and enhance my confidence, as this is something out of my comfort zone.


WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MISS GIBRALTAR: As a proud Gibraltarian, it would be a privilege to represent my country and have the opportunity to dedicate my spare time in helping local charities.