2nd Contestant signing for Miss Gibraltar Pageant 2016


FULL NAME: Ashleen Snape


AGE:     24   


STAR SIGN: Scorpio


OCCUPATION: Office Clerk/Receptionist






HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Shopping, Travelling, Keeping fit, spending time with family and friends.


LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English & Spanish


AMBITION (ACADEMIC/PROFESSIONAL): I would like to progress in my current work place and become a property Sales Agent.


YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY: Spending a nice day out with family, friends and my dog.


WHAT DO YOU MOST LIKE ABOUT GIBRALTAR: I like the fact that we are a close community, which is generally caring and giving when support is needed and I like the way everyone respects each other’s Religion and beliefs.


WHAT DO YOU LEAST LIKE ABOUT GIBRALTAR: The only thing I can think of is that sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are.


WHY HAVE YOU ENTERED THE PAGEANT: I have joined again because I enjoyed last year’s build up and pageant so much I wish to experience it again.


WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MISS GIBRALTAR: I feel it would be a great honour and privilege to represent Gibraltar on an international stage and be able to assist to the community where possible and be a role model to younger girls.