1st Princess enjoying her first few days in Japan, catch up on her experience!


Day 1 - Today has been an incredible yet super hectic day! We began the day with an early orientation where the Miss International organisation introduced us to what we should be expecting throughout our participation in the pageant! We then had 30 minutes to change into our national costumes for the national costume press conference! Finally we had our first gala sponsor's event where we all had to wear an evening gown and enjoyed a japanese style buffet dinner! It was a great day where I got to meet many of the contestants but now time for bed as tomorrow is another busy day!


 Day 2! Today has been non-stop and we have been followed around by Japanese cameras and TV shows all day! We began our day with a shopping experience at Japan's oldest shopping mall 'Mitsukoshi'. Here we learnt many Japanese cultural lessons such as how to greet customers respectfully when entering the mall. We were given a demonstration about how to correctly bow to them and then had to put our newley found skills to the test when the mall officially opened for the day! We were then served an amazing Japanese lunch which was full of things I had never tried or even seen before! I am proud to say that I tried everything that I was served.

We then participated in various workshops such as making macha green tea, wrapping with 'furoshiki' and making unedible food displays... this definitely made me hungry! After all of this we took a trip to the Tokyo aquarium and finally went up the tallest building in Tokyo called the SkyTree Tower, where we got to see the whole of the city of Tokyo lit up at night! Needless to say this was an intense but very enjoyable day! Now timw to get a couple of hours sleep as I need to wake up at 2:30am as the Miss International contestants will be featured on Japan's most watched breakfast show tomorrow morning! I will leave you with various photos from my day!