10 in 1 day Medeterranean Steps Challenge


 As part of Kayley's Charity fundraising initiative as Miss Gibraltar 2016, she has taken up the Mediterranean Steps (10 times in 1 day) challenge.


Kayley is raising money for the Calpe House Charity through the JustGiving page (link below)


Here is what Kayley posted on Social Media:

Hey all! So here it is, I've struggled to put this up till now despite the fact that I have challenged myself publicly twice now, simply because I am pretty unfit at the moment but I need to do this sooner or later and it wouldn't be called a challenge if it were easy!

I'm challenging myself and anyone else out there to do the Mediterranean Steps 10 times in 1 day on the 1st May! This is going to be tough no doubt but I am willing to endure a day of pain for those who are in pain for weeks, months and even years! I encourage anyone who would like to support me and this cause to come join me in doing the steps as many times as you like or simply donate to this JustGiving Page.

I will shortly be opening an events page and I am currently organising this whole day so I will provide more information soon.
This will later serve as training for me to do Los Tres Picos 3 Day Trek Challenge in Sierra Nevada, Granada.

I will be beginning my training this week and I will keep you all updated on how that is going. To give you a rough idea on where I'm starting... the last time I did the Med Steps I took 18 min 51 seconds and nearly passed out at the top with no hope of doing it again! Lol Wish me Luck!

Thanks to all of you who donate in advance! Xx