BrightMed, the organiser of the Gibraltar World Music Festival, invited Miss Gibraltar to attend their opening dinner at the Caleta Hotel.

The dinner was attended by various artists and guests who were involved in the World Music Festival which took place from the 11th to the 13th June and which offered a programme of films, talks, conferences, exhibitions, plus a street party and the annual concert at St Michael's Cave.

When BrightMed began to explore ‘Chaos’ as a theme, countries around us have demonstrated unexpected and chaotic behaviour such us, Brexit, Les gilets jaunes (Yellow jackets), terrorist attacks, the rise of right-wing political parties and the escalation of immigration concerns. Not to mention personal issues such as accidents, loss of loved ones, etc.

If BrightMed could impact the Universe in such a way, then why not put a positive spin on it. Therefore, ‘Out of Chaos’ was their theme for 2019.

The renowned World Music artist from the Balkans: Goran Bregović (along with 20 other performers from Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, etc) and performing his deep and spiritual music: Diwan Saz (from Israel, Palestine, Iran, Turkey and Syria) starred in the concerts.

Influential speakers explored how to Manage Chaos to the business community and students.

A great and chaotic street party took place in The Piazza and Irish Town.

The Film Festival at Leisure Cinemas explored its vision of ‘Chaos’ as well as an Art Exhibition at 92 Irish Town.

This year they launched BrightMed Environment which concentrated on Eco Friendly iniciatives. As such we will be inviting NGOs to present their ideas and products. All products used during the Festival were Environment Friendly i.e. no plastic cups, bottles, etc.

The BrightMed Festival would not exist without their sponsors. The Ministry of Culture, the Kusuma Trust, Hyperion, EMID Gibraltar, BIH amongst others who supported the series of events, understanding the necessity to reflect Chaos, to celebrate and develop new ways to address our chaotic world within Business, Art and Education.

BrightMed maintains a vision of Bridging Souls and Lands. This is achieved, thanks to their team and now with new energetic interests from other countries such as UK. Their ambition is to expand worldwide, using their Gibraltarian values of ‘Convivencia’ as a model within the region around us (Morocco, Spain, Portugal) and beyond.